Junk Silver Coins at really low prices

Several reasons to buy pre-1965 US 90% silver coins.

One, we are selling them at .39 over spot (dimes and quarters).  In hot markets, such as in 2011, they can pick up premiums of $5 an ounce over spot.  Further, during the Y2K scare, 90% silver coins carried a 50% premium over the spot value of their silver content.

Two, they are the most “negotiable” of all forms of silver, which means you can use them for money, the purpose for which they were originally minted.

Three, the gold/silver ratio (GSR) is at a near record high of 98, which means that silver is cheap relative to gold.  In years past, the GSR has hovered around 60.

At a GSR of 60 and price of gold at $2,000, silver would be priced at $33.  There is more upside potential for silver than for gold in this precious metals’ bull market.

Truly, silver – but even more for 90% silver coins – is the best long-term precious metal to buy at this time.

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SOURCE: CMI Gold & Silver – Read entire story here.